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Tennessee Health Care In The News

If you are in the market for Tennessee health care insurance, you will also be interested in the latest news relating to health care in your state.  Four stories have recently hit the news concerning health care in Tennessee.

Recent Tennesee health news items

Children's medical records in Tennessee
The first news item concerning health care is in relation to children's medical records.  A bill that was originally sponsored by Rep. Tony Shipley the proposed giving parents full access to their children's medical records was withdrawn from the House Budget Subcommittee without explanation.  It is believed that if the proposal was approved it could have jeopardized approximately $6.5 million in federal family planning funding that has privacy requirements.

State employees in Tennessee who smoke
The next story is about health insurance for state employees who smoke.  The House recently voted to postpone a $50 a month surcharge for smoking state employees.  The surcharge was due to start on January 1, 2010.  However, it has been delayed for one year.

Calorie counts for menus in TN
The third news item concerns a proposed bill that would allow local governments to decide whether to require restaurants to provide calorie counts on menus.  The bill is currently making its way through the state legislative body.

State constitutional amendment imposing stricter limits on abortions
And the final news item affecting Tennessee health care concerns a proposal to change the state constitution concerning abortions.  The state House and Senate have recently passed a law imposing stricter limits for abortions.

Tennessee health care insurance

In Tennessee, rates and packages will vary by company and plan. Therefore, it is best to understand what is available from the various providers. You should submit a free request for a TN health insurance quote to truly get the "big picture" of Tennessee's numerous available health insurance plans. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to help you determine the best option for you and your family

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